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As soon as you step inside 1221 Bainbridge Street, it's easy to see that Ready, Willing & Able Philadelphia isn't just housing, it's a place to call home for the next nine to twelve months. As a recovery housing provider in the City of Philadelphia, Ready, Willing & Able Philadelphia offers the 50 men who live here a supportive environment to work towards permanent self-sufficiency. Participants find camaraderie and confidence amongst their peers, and graduates often return to socialize or offer advice to newcomers.

At the RWAP facility, participants:

  • Work in building maintenance, operations, and food service, and other in-house positions

  • Receive three nutritious meals a day

  • Have access to recreational spaces and computer labs

  • Are surrounded by a community of motivated peers

  • Pay a modest room and board, which helps them form the habit of supporting their own living expenses

Moving on.

The challenge:
As many as 129,000 Philadelphians met the criteria for substance use disorder in 2018. (Thomas Jefferson University)

Our solution:
Provide a safe living environment where recovery is the top priority, supported by partner organizations and programs so men can develop long-term recovery. When recovery works, long-term employment and stable housing follow.


Graduates of Ready, Willing & Able Philadelphia must successfully obtain and maintain independent housing. For many graduates this will be the first time they've successfully lived on their own. RWAP's Graduate Services department helps trainees locate housing and prepares them for the obligations of independent living.

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