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The Men in Blue: Still Here and Still Strong! 

Since 2001, Ready Willing & Able Philadelphia has been here to help men who are ready, willing, and able to start or continue on a path to recovery, full-time employment, and independent living. Since 2001, the men have been here for Philadelphia – helping our city get and stay clean from the sidewalks, up. In their bright blue uniforms, the Men in Blue are here to help you!

At Ready, Willing & Able Philadelphia, we are in the business of saving lives. In 2022, Philadelphia saw 1,413 people die from unintentional overdoses in virtually every zip code, racial group, and economic group in the city. At least 2,680 others died from excessive alcohol use in Philadelphia in 2019.   


Up to 50 men who are diagnosed with substance use disorder live in our Bainbridge residence. We engage every man in paid work throughout their time with us. Having a routine of getting up in the morning, practicing hygiene, and committing to accomplish tasks are part of a life of recovery. When men leave, they have an average of six months of consistent work experience to demonstrate reliability to potential employers. We provide three good meals a day, cooked from scratch in our kitchen.


Some of our staff are in long-term recovery. We know what it was like when substance use disorder made our lives unmanageable. We know what it’s like to try to put down the drug or the drink without support. We know what it’s like to take those first steps in recovery. We bring our lived experience to this work, forging a powerful determination to help the men stay on the path to success.

We are a recovery house, licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs to house up to 61 men at a time. 

WHYY TY12's weekly magazine, "You Oughta Know" featured Ready, Willing & Able Philadelphia. Watch the video!

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